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EKFH is asking you to help us raise the
$1,000,000 for the new ICU!

icu2The East Kootenay Regional Hospital is currently in the early construction phase for a new intensive care unit. This new addition to the hospital replaces the current four-bed unit and will also include two new, high-acuity beds. These additional two beds will help relieve pressure on the ICU and preserve resources for the most critically-ill patients while still providing a high level of care for those in need, allowing more patients from the East Kootenay to stay closer to home more often.

The estimated project cost is $20 million. The project budget also includes a major electrical system upgrade to the entire facility. The government of BC is funding approximately $12 million and the Kootenay East Regional Hospital District will fund $8 million.

The current ICU space is adjacent to the Maternity Unit on the 2nd floor of the regional hospital. This space will become vacant after the new ICU is constructed. EKRH has a 2 bed pediatric u nit on the 3rd floor of the hospital located between the medical unit and the oncology department. The current location of the pediatric unit is not ideal. The unit is undersized and configuration of the current pediatric space is dated. The vacated ICU space next to Maternity presents a substantially better location for patients, Physicians and Staff. The close proximity of Maternity and Pediatric units is very common model in other hospitals of similar size to EKRH. The nursery within the current maternity unit is also undersized with a dated configuration, and does not provide an appropriate environment for the safe management of neo-natals.

Addressing the space needs for Pediatrics and the Nursery is a clinical priority for EKRH. As a result of a recent visit by an IH Senior Executive to EKRH, the Chief Finance Officer made a request to the Ministry of Health to expand the scope of the ICU project to include relocating the pediatrics unit to the vacated ICU space, and merge this space with the existing obstetrical unit. In order to accommodate the additional brick & mortar costs the Health Authority has subsequently made a request to revisit the discussion and support consideration from East Kootenay Foundation for Health to undertake a $1,000,000 capital campaign for the purchase of ICU capital equipment. Ministry approval for the additional bricks & mortar costs for the pediatric and nursery unit is subject to 3rd party funding for the ICU equipment.

The Intensive Care Unit:

The ICU is traditionally known as the department that treats the sickest of the sick, including:
• trauma cases
• cardiac & stroke care
• multi-system failure, etc.

The East Kootenay Regional Hospital ICU is supported by four specialized physicians (internists) and a team of nine specially trained registered nurses.

We sincerely hope you will join us as a supporter in one of the most critically important fundraising campaigns that EKFH and the East Kootenay Regional Hospital has undertaken.   Will you be part of the success?  Click on the “Donate Today” button!

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