Recent Funding


Cordless drill set for EKRH Orthopedic

Donation towards purchase of a cordless drill set


Colonoscope for EKRH Eendoscopy Clinic

Donation towards the purchase of Colonoscope at EKRH


Temporal thermometer and blood pressure machine with cuffs for Sparwood Health Centre


Ambulatory blood pressure monitor, disposable cuffs for Golden Hospital Diabetes Clinic


Blood pressure machine with extra-large cuffs for Sparwood Health Center


Temporal thermometer for Cranbrook Nurse Practitioner


Cardiology stethoscope, portable blood pressure machine w/cuffs, Omron blood pressure monitors, portable projector, portable blood pressure machine with extra large cuffs for EKRH CC Heart Function Clinic


Nonin oxygen oximeters for EKRH Respiratory


4 boxes of aerochambers for Breathe Well Community Respiratory


Typanic ear thermometer, vital signs machine, slider sheets for Creston Home Health Support

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